A picture of me

I'm James McKee

📌 Northern Ireland


Welcome! I'm a Computer Science student at Queen's University Belfast, with a love for all things computer related.
I love tinkering with hardware and have built my own PC, and I'm the sort of person that can spend hours customising my software setup. I also love programming (some of my projects are linked down below) and am a privacy enthusiast.
I'm also a fan of small effecient websites, which is why this page is less than 50kb.
I can't tell if this website is supposed to be professional or not.


C#, WPF, WinForms, SQL Server, MonoGame
Enough HTML and CSS knowledge to create this site (Currently working on a more automated markdown based setup)
+ others not listed.


Solar system simulation
CPU based raytracer
Particle/powder simulator
This website
+ whatever else I'm currently working on!


University - Studying Computer Science at QUB
A Levels - A*AAB