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A list of most of the projects I've worked on, mostly personal projects with a few from university

Personal website

The website you're currently browsing! Created from scratch by me, and optimised to be as minimal as possible. (The main page is under 50kb!) Several of the main pages, like this one, were created by hand, with some (e.g. blog posts) being generated automatically from markdown using another program I created ( WebGenJava ).

A screenshot of the homepage of this website
Code on codeberg

2048 clone

A significantly modified version of the original 2048, with new features including:

Made for fun to improve on an existing project and gain some more experience with browser javascript

A screenshot of my version of 2048
Code here, and playable over here


The project I created for the CSC1028 module I opted to do, providing all sorts of metadata on a given URL. See my blog post on it for a lot more info.

A screenshot of part of the UI of the project
Code here

Last Stand Text Adventure

A text adventure made as a group project for out CSC1030 module. I created the majority of the CSS for the layout, along with the temperature and typewriter systems used by all other group members. I also worked with them to create the inventory and timer systems also used throughout the game.

Screenshot of the theme
Code herea, playable here.

A2 Project

This application was my A2 coursework project for Software Systems Development, written between 10/11/2020 and 14/03/2021 using C# and WPF. See the git repo for more details and features

This is still a project I'm very proud of - It's got a few minor flaws, but it has some features I put a lot of work into and I'm very happy with the end result.

A screenshot of the appointment calendar view
A screenshot of some graphs in the statistics view
Code here


An application I wrote from scratch with several parts:

... the end result of which is networks which can drive a car pretty well based on only a few sensors (5 distances to the edge of the track at different angles)

GIF demonstrating the application
Code on gtiea

CPU-based raytracer

A multithreaded CPU ray tracer written in C#. Based on the "Ray Tracing in One Weekend" book. Features:

Although performance could significantly be improved by offloading the GPU (Which is better suited for that kind of workload) it was still a very fun project to work on

Example output of the programme, showing spheres of different sizes and different materials
Code on here

Particle/powder toy simulator

A small particle/powder toy simulator. Very basic - its flaws are definitely noticable if you're looking for them - but I still enjoyed messing around with this kind of cellular automaton

GIF demonstrating the application
Code on here


An n-body physics simulator built for fun as a side project.
Currently uses the rather inaccurate Euler method for integration (this is mostly mitigated by using very small step sizes), but ideally it should use something like the Runge-kutta methods for better accuracy.
Includes several pre-set situations, including a fictional but nice-looking system (shown below), a stable 3-body figure-8 system, a binary star system, and our solar system to scale (with and without moons)

GIF showing some planets orbiting a star
Code on here


A theme for the MusicBee music player based on the very nice catpuccin colour palette

Screenshot of the theme
Code on here


The program I wrote to convert markdown to the HTML you're currently viewing. Although there are already existing solutions that offer this sort of functionality (eg pandoc), I wanted something that gave me slightly more control over the result.
Code on here